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Welcome to Embodied English! 

I'm Miriam Stewart: Irish-born language lover, drama fan, embodiment enthusiast and grammar geek. I love all things creative and craftsy and I try to incorporate meaningful movement into my daily life where possible (yoga, dance, running).

I teach English language using a drama-based embodied approach incorporating improv, drama techniques, breath and voice work and specialising in embodying grammar. I train teachers to use drama in their classrooms and guide them in designing their own materials, courses and workshops. I also design and facilitate workshops and courses on embodied language learning and teaching through drama. 



 Educational philosophy:

  • Learning should be joyful and self-directed, 

  • Our bodies are our brains-we learn best when physically and emotionally engaged,

  • Drama in the classroom encourages creativity, connection and meaningful communication,

  • Mistakes are the portals of discovery (Thanks James Joyce!)



  • Masters in Drama in Education-Distinction

  • B.A. Hons. in Montessori Education-Distinction

  • CELT ( Certificate of English Language Teaching) qualification -Distinction

  • CEC (Certification in Embodied Coaching)


( I also once came joint 3rd runner up in a preschool art competition for my haunting rendition of an astronaut eating an apple. ) 




Over the past 15 years I have had the pleasure of working in Ireland, Kenya, India and Thailand as a Montessori teacher, English language teacher, TESOL teacher trainer, Drama in Education facilitator and researcher in Performative Language Teaching. Whether I'm teaching 3 year olds to count or supporting trainee teachers as they grapple grammar, my goal remains the same: to create a fun, supportive environment in which learners can freely explore, create and engage their minds, bodies and emotions in the learning process.

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