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Struggling to find your voice in English?

Find yourself using the same words over and over?

Feeling stuck, frustrated or anxious?


Learning English through drama
English through drama student
online Embodied English class

Embodied English Sessions



My classes provide a fun, relaxed environment where you can rediscover your love of learning English through drama, voice work and movement. My embodied approach involves:

  • Working with breath, voice and muscle memory to enhance pronunciation,

  • Developing natural intonation and emotional expression through drama,

  • Using improvisation to encourage fluency and build confident speaking skills,

  • Exploring grammar rules with the body to give real, meaningful context.

Private students

One-to-one classes

Online (via Zoom): €30 per hour

In person (Dublin only): €35 per hour

Special offer:

4 online sessions for €100 


6 online sessions for €160

Group classes

Available upon request

Language Schools

Engage and motivate students with workshops, summer camps and drama clubs designed to meet their specific learning needs. Topics include (but aren't limited to):

  • Pronunciation and intonation

  • Developing fluency through drama

  • Embodying grammar

  • Improv for language learning

Prices available upon request, contact me for further information.


"Miriam is such a passionate teacher, always making us comfortable whatever background we are coming from and her creativity makes the learning process very smooth and efficient. If you're looking for improving your English or need some refresh on your language teaching methods, go ahead, she will definitely adapt to your style, level and needs, and icing on the cake, you'll have a lot of fun!" - Sophie Clafoutis

"I strongly believe that Miriam has some special power: something magic happens in her classes! She is able to change our mood and let us feel so energetic after a long and tough day at work! I can’t wait for Mondays..I feel so happy during her classes, we have a lot of fun...and most importantly I feel so relaxed and confident to speak in English!" - Maria De Maglie

"A heartfelt thanks to super-duper teacher and teacher trainer Miriam from Flying Turtle Pro for having given me the opportunity to explore the English Language from a different angle...Despite the unprecedented circumstances we are currently experiencing due to the pandemic outburst, Miriam built up a positive and empowering learning environment even at a distance thanks to her charisma, verve and expertise (and His Majesty Zoom of course :-D) ....Miriam’s endless enthusiasm, unconditional love for Drama-based teaching and relentless commitment made the courses a one of a kind experience." - Valeria De Felice

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